Create Amor supports the heart behind healthcare. We’ve spent the last 18 months designing the scrubs that will sustain you throughout all the stages of your career, whether it’s your first day of clinicals or your third shift of the week, our scrubs will confidently carry you through. When you wear Create Amor, you reflect the ethos of our brand, because we love what we do.

We’d love for you to test them out so you can experience the heart we put into them.  


Because we love what we do.

Create Amor was founded to help people build sustainable careers in healthcare so they can continue to do what they love.

Over the past five years, our leadership team has helped the next generation of healthcare workers transition into the professional world by giving them the tools to succeed in their careers. That’s why we founded Create Amor, to build a brand that focuses on the heart behind healthcare.

We aim to promote a supportive and inclusive community that cuts through the competitive culture of healthcare.

We believe in educating the next generation of healthcare professionals.

We lead with empathy and understanding.

We advocate for the success of healthcare professionals at every stage of their careers.

Our support and resources are tailored to meet the needs of healthcare professionals for understanding, community, and education. And great scrubs. 



When was Create Amor founded?

Create Amor was founded in July 2021 while longtime friends Matthew Vuckovich (CEO & Founder) and Jillian Lewis (Director of Design) were having lunch in Aspen, CO. What started as a conversation about Jillian designing cruise line uniforms turned into a discussion about industries that require uniforms on a daily basis.

With Matthew’s extensive background in helping healthcare workers transition into the professional world, their conversation quickly turned to medical scrubs. As Matthew began reaching out to his network, his conversations sparked an idea for a healthcare apparel brand with a mission to change the conversation around working in healthcare. The foundation of a meaningful purpose - to support the heart behind healthcare.

What’s different about your scrubs?

It starts with the fabric—how it feels when you wear it, how it moves when you move. We designed our scrubs to be lightweight and breathable, but strong enough to carry you through your shifts again and again. Plus, we’re passionate about helping healthcare workers through community, mentorship, and education (more on that soon). Great scrubs are just one of the ways we’re doing it.

What kinds of scrubs are included in the giveaway?

Each giveaway will include a Core Top and Core Jogger Pant. You’ll get a firsthand look at the feel and fit of our scrubs. Squeeze them, stretch them, wear them, and wash them  — we designed our scrubs to hold you up through the longest of shifts.

What colors and styles do the scrubs come in?

The Core Tops will come with the Core Jogger Pant in either a ribbed or elastic cuff, in Gray or Navy. Looking for another color? No worries. There’s more coming soon…

How will I know if I’ve won the giveaway?

Winners will receive a personal email from our Founder.

If I’m selected, when will I receive my scrubs?

After you complete the form to receive your scrubs, we estimate a 2 week shipping time. You’ll receive an email with your tracking information as soon as it’s shipped!

Do I have to pay for anything? What’s the catch?

Nope! This is our gift to you — great healthcare professionals deserve great scrubs, and we believe you’ll love ours so much that your first pair is on us. Put them on, get a good stretch in, and show us how you #createamor in your field.

How do I find out more?

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for upcoming news and product releases.