National Nurses Week - Honoring the Heartbeat of Healthcare with Discounts and Celebrations

Nurses Week & Month Discounts - Celebrate with Create Amor !

The often-unrecognized heroes, tireless caregivers, and loyal companions in every patient's journey toward healing. Nurses are the heartbeat of healthcare, and at Create Amor, we don't just acknowledge their contributions; we celebrate and support them with every thread woven into our scrubs. For National Nurses Week we took one step further!

Why We Support Nurses

Every day, nurses step into their scrubs like armor, ready to battle the unknown challenges the day can bring. The world may recognize their skill and knowledge, but we see the countless sacrifices behind their smiles. They deserve more than applause - they deserve action and support that matches their commitment to patient care. That's why we've taken steps beyond creating high-quality medical apparel, and we're committed to standing alongside nurses through contributions that support their well-being and professional growth.

Nurses Week is a special time dedicated to honoring the valuable contributions of nurses across the globe. This year's theme, "Nurses Make the Difference," highlights the meaningful impact of nurses on patients, families, and communities through their dedication and compassion.

At Create Amor, we are proud to join this celebration by offering exclusive Nurses Week discounts for both our women's scrubs and men's scrubs as part of our commitment to supporting the nursing community.

The Work We Do

Our approach goes beyond fabric and thread. It's simple: we believe in giving back to those who give their all. For National Nurses Week, we opted for donation initiatives between the 6th and 12th of May 2024, were $1 per scrub set is directed to the American Nurses Foundation for its mental health initiative and other grants.

And there's more! During the same period, 100% of the proceeds from the Iris Five Pocket Top go to the Foundation as a testament to our support in nurturing the nursing community.

We stand alongside nurses, offering support that extends to their well-being and professional growth. Through initiatives like our Nurses Week discounts and contributions to nursing organizations, we demonstrate our commitment to supporting nurses in their vital roles.

Who We Are

Create Amor is synonymous with comfort, functionality, and the kind of support that nurses need. We infuse every stitch of our scrubs with appreciation for the work nurses do, and our commitment extends to ensuring that each piece aids nurses in their mission to save lives and provide reassurance.

We're more than just a supplier, we're partners in healthcare excellence. Create Amor innovates, inspires, and invests in the future of healthcare, supporting those at its forefront. Our scrubs aren't just apparel—they embody respect for the profession and are a promise to every nurse that we understand the importance of what they do and who they are.

Our scrubs are designed to let nurses showcase their skills and professionalism with pride. As they focus on providing the best care, we focus on ensuring they look and feel their best. This is our way of making sure nurses feel valued every step of the way. Because when they wear their hearts on their scrubs, we’re right there with them.

Your choice to buy with Create Amor is a choice to support and uplift the incredible nursing community. So why wait?
Show your support by shopping the Iris Five Pocket Top, or your favorite women's or men's scrub set - until the 12th of May 2024.