Our Story

Who We Are

Create Amor leads as a premier supplier of high-quality healthcare apparel, defined by our dedication to the healthcare professionals who pour their hearts into their work. Our mission is clear - to craft and provide medical apparel that not only meets, but consistently exceeds your expectations.

Our scrubs are thoughtfully designed to offer superior fabric, fit, performance, and functionality that you can rely on from the first day of clinicals to your most demanding shifts.

Where We’re Going

Create Amor strives to uplift the next generation of healthcare professionals with the tools they need to succeed at every stage of their careers. Our goal is to help you “wear your heart on your scrubs”, and provide you with the comfort and support you need to give your all to your patients.

Innovative Designs Made with 100% Love

Fabric Features

  • Four-way Stretch Four-way Stretch
  • Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Wrinkle
  • Anti-microbial Anti-microbial
  • Breathable Breathable
  • Quick Dry Quick Dry
  • Anti-static Anti-static

What This Means

Let Your Skills Shine. Look Your Best While Doing It:

Showcase your skills, knowledge, and hard work with confidence. Keep doing what you do best, and we’ll make sure you look great and feel good while doing it.

Rapid Recovery Technology:

With remarkable wrinkle resistance and lightning fast drying, our scrubs allow you to bounce back quickly, so you’re ready to go and be at the top of your game in no time.

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